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2018 ist G-Cubes Gründungsmitglied Andres Linares zurück in seine Heimat Kolumbien gezogen. Seitdem entwickelt er unabhängige G-Cubes Projekte in Cartagena. Zurzeit arbeitet er für G-Cubes hauptsächlich am San Blas Projekt.

PAST: In Cartagena, being one of the most historic cities in Colombia, a garbage collection was carried out with young people from the locality of environmental entities. In this case, it was carried out with the GAM Environmental Guards, and other organizations that supported the work. Then the buckets were made in the Museum of La Presentation, interacting with the population and the community, so that they knew the garbage that was on the local beaches. Finally, an exhibition was held at the Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena, with a great reception from the artistic community. CHECK FILE CARTAGENA FOR IMAGES

HAPPENING: After the G-Cubes Association existed for 5 years, a project led by the Swiss artist Harald Reichenbach and having gone around the world with his work, which he also presented in Cartagena, and on all continents traveling by sailboat so as not to impact the environment and collecting garbage from seas; He returns the project to Cartagena with the aim of generating 300-400 raw garbage cans without being sealed in resin. These cubes will be used for a final exhibition in Bern, for the final exhibition of the trip around the world impacting youth.

TODAY: Currently, we are starting the work together with a very recognized Organization in Colombia and Switzerland, with which we will develop around 300-400 bins, with the garbage that recyclers cannot recycle and cannot be incinerated, since in the city there is no such technology so the effect of the smoke is not a strong impact on the environment. The people involved will be the recycling families themselves, who in Colombia especially are treated as "street dwellers." The dignity of the recyclers' families is essential in Colombia, so that awareness of the importance of the role they have in society is generated.

OBJECTIVE: Positively impact the benefactor community through the construction of 300-400 compressed garbage, measuring 10cm x 10cm x 10cm. G-Cubes already have a clear methodology on how to develop them, with which we will give the instructions to the people involved. It also wants to involve the children's community to explain the importance of recycling and the impact of garbage on the environment.

Benefactor community: The wives of the waste pickers, since they communicated that it would be an excellent initiative for them, since they would have extra money for their personal purchases. They also have the will and the time according to what they told us in a visit we made before the Pandemic.

FUTURE: In the near future we will be opening other projects with communities in Latin America, with some places where garbage is a problem, in order to make this problem visible, through art. Being the medium with which we have to attract the attention of the media and people, to give a voice to those who do not have it.


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