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Sail around the world once, collect garbage on remote beaches, compress it and form “G-Cubes” from it and assemble 1000 of them to create a monument. One cubic meter of compressed and preserved waste. That was the plan, the concept of the artist Harald Reichenbach. A metaphor for the state of the oceans in the year 2020.

But problem of marine pollution was so compelling that G-Cubes decided to implement a “paradigm shift”: away from art, towards education and prevention work with the “next generation”. This way the monument is still an important part of the artistic performance, but the main pillar of the project shifted towards cooperation with schools and local communities around the globe. Help and solutions must be offered in places which would otherwise be forgotten. Where nobody helps.

In January and February of 2020 G-Cubes realised the first continuing school projects to ensure sustainability. In Oman, Mumbai, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives G-Cubes locally produced 3 garbage compactors each. They were given away to schools which G-Cubes has already worked with. In Mumbai, an event took place for the first time at the German School Mumbai. G-Cubes wants to ensure and expand the sustainability of the school projects in the long term.

School projects


  • September 2017
    Bern, Switzerland
    School project with the elementary schools
    Laubegg and Mosaik Munzinger  
  • September 2017
    Marseille, France
    Start of the circumnavigation
    First school project outside of Switzerland,
    with the College Arthur Rimbaud 
  • October 2017
    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
    G-Cubes event in collaboration with “Ecologistas en action”, the school CEIP and the “Centro De Arte La Regenta”. 
  • November 2017
    Mindelo, Cape Verde
    The crew do a clean-up and compress waste with the local population. 
  • December 2017
    Preparation for the start of the WARC on January 8, 2018 
  • January 2018
    Santa Marta, Columbia
    G-Cubes event with the “Guardianes Ambientales” in the “Centro de Arte La Representation” and exhibition in the “Museo de Arte Moderno” in Cartagena, Columbia 
  • January 2018
    San Blas Islands, Panama
    Outdoor studio, compression of G-Cubes on site 
  • February 2018
    Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
    Clean-up with “Conservation International” and meeting with the director of the Galapagos National Park, Walther. 
  • March 2018
    Hiva Nova, Marquesas, French Polynesia
    Break and preparation for projects in the South Seas 
  • April 2018
    Tuamotus, Fakarava
    G-Cubes project with the school of Fakarava, clean-up with the crew, compression and cast in Tokaroa 
  • April 2018
    Arrival in Thaiti
  • June 2018
    Lomaloma, Fiji
    G-Cubes event with the school of Lomaloma 
  • July 2018
    Tanna, Vanuatu
    G-Cubes event with the school of Port Resolution 
  • July 2018
    Mackay, Australia
  • August 2018
    Darwin, Australia
    G-Cubes project with the Nightcliff Primary School 
  • September 2018
    Lombok, Indonesia
    G-Cubes project on Gili Meno in collaboration with Trash Hero Sulman. Concretion of the concept of a “Eco-Brick” 
  • September 2018
    Lovina, Bali, Indonesia
    Participation at the Lovina Festival together with Trash Hero. Presentation of G-Cubes. 
  • October 2018
    Participation at the Trash Hero clean-up 
  • November 2018
    Langkawi, Malaysia
    Planning of a G-Cubes branch in Langkawi together with Trash Hero, first independently financed “G-Cubes Abroad” project is arranged. 
  • November 2018
    Phuket, Thailand
    G-Cubes project at the Poanambar School Phuket 
  • January 2019
    Galle, Sri Lanka
    G-Cubes event at Sudharma College Galle in collaboration with Asele. 
  • January 2019
    Colombo, Sri Lanka
    G-Cubes event at the St. Thomas Preparatory School with Praveen Da Silva.
    Sustainability 2020: Production of 3 trash compactors
    for the St. Thomas Preparatory School 
  • February 2019
    Mumbai, India
    The Consul General of Switzerland in India, Othmar Hardegger, organises an evening to present the G-Cubes project. Planning of a collaboration with the Clean Mumbai Foundation, Kunti Oz.
    Sustainability 2020: Production of 3 trash compactors for the German School Mumbai. 
  • March 2019
    Muscat, Oman
    G-Cubes event with the community “The Wave” and the TAISM (The American International School Muscat). Invitation to the Swiss Ambassador to Oman, Balz Abplanalp. 
  • September 2019
    Malé, Maldives
    G-Cubes event with the Hulhumalé School in Hulhumalé. Sustainability 2020: Production of 3 trash compactors for the Hulhumalé School 
  • October 2019
    Meeting with the ministry of education. Planning of a G-Cubes branch in the Arabian Sea.
    Sustainability 2021: In planning 
  • November 2019
    Richards Bay, South Africa
    G-Cubes event with youth group, Zululand Yacht Club. 
  • December 2019
    Cape Town, South Africa
    No event, schools closed (summer break).
    Sustainability 2021: in planning together with the Ministry of Environment. 
  • February 2020
    Arrival in St. Helena 
  • February 2020
    Arrival in Ascension 
  • February 2020
    Fernando de Noronha, Brasil
    No events, schools closed (Carneval).
    Sustainability 2021: In planning 
  • March 2020
    St. Georges, Grenada
    No event, schools closed (COVID-19). Project Presentation at Solid Waste Management, Grenada. 
  • April 2020 – today
    Responsible forced break and avoidance of further events due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Starting Summer 2021
    San Blas Islands, Panama
    Various sustainability projects in planning 

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