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Once around the world

G-Cubes landed in Grenada at the beginning of March 2020. Five days after the arrival a tough lockdown including curfew was imposed. The plan to head for New York City and meet with the UNO in June, as well as the return of the yacht to the starting point in Marseille were made impossible by the pandemic. The circumnavigation ended abruptly. Nevertheless G-Cubes sailed around the world. The project started on January 8th in Marseille. Here is the route in a nutshell:

Mediterranean Sea – North Atlantic 1 (September – December 2017)
Marseille – Gibraltar – Las Palmas – Caribbean

North Atlantic 1 – South Pacific (January – August 2018)
Panama – Galapagos – Marquesas – Tuamotus – Tahiti – Bora Bora – Tonga – Fiji – Vanuatu – Australia

Pacific – Java Sea – Street of Malacca – Andaman Sea (September – December 2018)
Australia – Indonesia – Borneo – Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand

Indian Ocean – Arabian Sea (January – February 2019)
Thailand – Sri Lanka – India – Oman

Arabian Sea – Indian Ocean (August – December 2019)
Oman – Maldives – Mauritius – South Africa

South Atlantic – North Atlantic 2 (January – March 2020)
South Africa – St. Helena – Brazil – Caribbean

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Exhibition in the gallery ZET2

Once a year the gallery ZET2 dedicates an exhibition to sustainability. G-Cubes arrived on the Caribbean island of Grenada in early March 2020 where the ship has been stranded since due to the pandemic. Most of the schools were or are once again closed. G-Cubes suddenly went into hibernation in the middle of summer. It is thanks to the initiative of gallery owner Adrian Zahn and curator Roman Sterchi that a very informative exhibition was created during this difficult time and that G-Cubes was brought out of hibernation.

About Galerie ZET2


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